4 Qualities Of A Girl You Want To Date After A Breakup

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4 Qualities Of A Girl You Want To Date After A Breakup

Why you want to date a new girl after splitting up with your long-time girlfriend? Is it because you want to move on or is it because you want a rebound relationship? Whatever your reason is, here are some attributes of a woman you want to date.

Is she more interested in having a good time with someone than jumping into a relationship with someone? This is important. Now is not the time to focus your attention on building a relationship. This is the time you need to think about exploring your options. The more women you date in these first few days and weeks the greater the odds are that you will learn what you do and do not want in the next woman you get serious about.

It doesn’t really matter if she’s not your usual type as long as she’s charismatic and agreeable.

A woman that is charismatic and agreeable is fun to be with and will undoubtedly make your date enjoyable. Dating some women after the breakup doesn’t mean finding someone to love or a replacement to you debunked relationship. It’s more on heating up the engine before taking the car out of the garage.

Going out with someone from work is not advisable although it usually does happen. Dating someone you see everyday is no good at all because it will be harder for the both of you to face each other in case things don’t go well. Opt for women whom you really don’t know and those who aren’t close to you. This dating stage is just to heat up things after the breakup so don’t worry too much about it. Just enjoy your dates and avoid pressuring yourself to be likened by the woman.

Is she someone you can have fun and be yourself with? The more natural you can be around this date the better. While you’re not looking for a life partner out of the first date after your breakup you are looking to enjoy a pleasant evening out.

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