7 Practical Steps To Dating Men

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7 Practical Steps To Dating Men

Are you tired of being dejected, disappointed and dissatisfied with your dating experiences? You are not alone. Several women have had to deal with horrible dating encounters. The question is why does this happen? Can anything be done to help women better understand the men they are dating? What do women need to know about how men think that can put them in a better position to do something about these problems? Keep reading this article to learn 7 things you need to know before dating men?

First, most men are not ready to be in a committed relationship.

This is not meant to convey the impression that there are not good men out there that are looking for a commitment. The reality is that only a small majority of men are actually interested in settling down. It is uncomfortable to think about spending the rest of your life with one person. The moment you start showing signs of becoming attached is when they will start looking elsewhere.

Tip 2 many men do not value loose women.

The fastest way to lose a guys respect is by being an easy target for sexual activity. How many know at least one women that has fallen into this trap? The guy feels the rush of conquest and must declare all the sordid details to his male friends. Then they prepare for the next fool who will fall into their trap.
Guideline 3 the average man naturally gravitates toward women that show them respect. The way to men’s heart is by acts and deeds that show you respect them. Think about the last time you saw a woman bashing her male date? She might think this is fine to do. Most men are sensitive about being respected and will drop a woman who constantly hurts their feelings.

Fourth, most men really do have one tracked minds.

Do not bother guys when they are watching sports or talking about business.

If you try to talk about your relationship during these times he is totally focused on this one topic. It does not mean that you do not matter to him it is just they way he processes information.
Tip 5 many men watch other men to see if they should approach you. You might be surprised to learn that men observe each other to see how they should respond to you. There are many unwritten rules that men share between each other. One of those rules is maintaining self respect. Some guys will avoid moving in your direction if they feel that you will embarrass them.

Guideline 6 the average man wants a beautiful women with a great personality. This is self evident to most women. They try to get by on looks alone. While looks definitely matter to men, a well developed personality is what it will take to permanently nab them.

Seventh, most men want women to talk in their terms. Men want specifics. They are not mind readers. Yet many women expect a man to be able to read their minds and know what they want. If you do not want to be disappointed again tell them exactly what you want.

You now have 7 tips to help you better understand men. Use these tips to have more successful dates and the shot at a committed relationship.

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