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compliment…How to use Compliments

It’s now time to get out of those compliment-filled moods.
When you walk up to a lady in a bar and say; hello dear, you look charming, I wish you could be mine.
You just sounded like every other guy she’d been seeing all evening all you can expect is a “thanks”.
I told guys never to praise beautiful girls, you can carefully do this only when you are several month gone in a relationship.

When you’ve gotten to know almost all about each other.

Compliments to a hot girl is a normal thing which comes from a purported “fan” someone who admires her, sees her as a thick, tough princess of the rain, Someone who knows she is higher.

Now, ladies don’t grab the already waiting, lonely fellow, they go for the hot scarce guy who would probably have little time for them. when a beautiful lady walks into a room filled with guys, how do you think she makes a choice, She wants the strongest of the guys, the most respected, the toughest so she goggles this men in her own way. The question is -how does she do that? – search their pockets to determine the richest or probably ask people the cars you came with

Nope, but somehow, she would still sieve the men in her own curly eve way. Note this, she will be looking for a man that is better than her, not richer, not finer but definitely tougher, Would she end up with the guy who has been boring her with the often told stories of how beautiful she is and how he would really want to have her.

Nope, there wouldn’t be a better fan.

Would she end up with the low confident, fellow who decided to buy her a drink to cover-up his unsecured nature. I doubt it, this guy would pass as just friend, “nice friend” (this is not a nice place to be) I would bet a million dollar, she would end up craving for the vibrant guy sitting at the far end who probably never saw her when she entered or (at-least, pretended never to have seen her). Whom only encounter with her was when she mistakenly stepped on him and he said,

-Hey, if this is your way of attracting hot guys like me, then you really need to work much hard. what happens to asking for my number and buying me dinner. OK, I don’t want to talk about cocky-funny here but that one is great.

That is the talking method that attract beautiful lady, that is the type of men they end up with. He showed he is tougher by not just falling like the other guys,

I know that beautiful girls want to be complimented, they dress for it, long for it, crave it and almost couldn’t live without it, but there is no better way to tell them to keep looking than to give them compliment.
Almost nothing gets a guy to the “reserve” list like compliments, especially to new beautiful girls.

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