A Better Relationship With Your Ex

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A Better Relationship With Your Ex

One would ask what went wrong in different relationships for a break up to happen, especially if both mutually understand each other’s circumstances. Not all end up tragically and are still able to salvage of what is left of the relationship. But at some point, how can one save a damaged relationship?

It is common sense that in order for one to be able to approach a problem, a person should initially know the root of the problem. This means delving deeper to the situation, and how it came about and from there, the individual should be able to formulate a resolution.

Though it does not guarantee success and needs experimentation, it is still good than doing nothing at all. It entails basic knowledge on handling relationship and it is similar to how scientists approach everyday problems.

How to apply this same concept in different scenarios?

First of all, one should have the correct understanding of things to be able to know the main issue so that it can be easily resolved through problem identification. As other people say, you can not heal an invisible wound.
With any break up scenario, one should not have the misconception that the problem is how to get back the ex but rather, what went wrong that made the other go astray in the first place? By having this kind of mindset, the person working hard to win back an ex can have a clearer concept of things because in order to be successful, it all depends on the factors why the partner leaves.

One may realize that even if the relationship seems normal, it might be slowly fading off which might start due to lack of quality time.

It is very important to have constant communication in a relationship whatever the circumstances are. Each of the person in the relationship should exert effort in finding time to be with the partner without compromising their work schedules.

To add more, it does not mean that no arguments is like shrugging off the issue. It could be lack of quality time, so people should realize that spending time with love ones should be paramount in maintaining a happy and healthy relationship. It is because by being together, each one is able to address the needs and wants of each the people in the relationship.

The above concept does not limit itself to mere relationships between a boy and a girl but rather, is also applicable to a family and even the whole community. But setting family and community aside, by not being able to address the needs, it will cause the person deprived of the need to hunger for it, and ultimately, search for it, somewhere else or at the worse, from someone and this is where temptation comes in.

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