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Dating Advice for men wanting to get married

Relationship advice for men, All about choosing a wife, how not to make drastic mistake, getting stuck in a love-less relationship and your way out.

I want to address a situation that always find ways to bring down even the strongest of men.
This is something that has worked against men from origin sometimes we experience difficulties while trying to handle it.

It happened to a friend recently and it ended up splitting his relationship and also dealt a tough blow on him
This is advice for men – Don’t ever marry a woman you do not love, for money, pity, fame, fear or haste.

What ever the case maybe, follow your heart. I know that it is not easy to walk out when you’ve probably sank so deep, but the only action to take at any point you discover you are on the wrong road is to “turn right”
Not side ways, you don’t keep going because you have gotten so close to nowhere, I know there are so many things that could trap a man on the wrong road.

Let’s look at the number one reason men get stuck in a love-less affair and the advice for men.

The first reason is pity, this is the first and the most reason why most men wouldn’t get out of a wrong relationship.
OK, lets say the guy had so screwed her that he could be called a monster if he leaves but first, it is so wrong to continue in a damp relationship for whatever reason but I know how it is when there is just no other person to fall back to when you needed someone and she was the one always around, probably the easiest one to be deceived
we guys always have this kind of awaiting girl friends, they end up hanging on our neck. You don’t love her but she is always there, giving it to you the way you want it, she may not be the much beautiful type you wish for, but she has been there all the while dishing it out the way you want it.

Years had passed and you feel like letting of her would drastically affect her life.

This is a very tough place for any guy to be. tough for the guy and for the girl also, but like I said, the only place to turn when you discover that you are on the wrong road is “right” it is hard, I know but you have to reach an agreement calmly.

It is better to run with a tear-full eyes than to run with a broken life.

The same thing goes to marrying for fame, stardom or money. I know a guy who had a break up with a million dollar worth wife. He married the money but what keeps two people together is scarcely money or fame but love,
Let me repeat that – marry for L-O-V-E.

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