City Love, a new dating show, City Love, a new dating show

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City Love, a new dating show, City Love, a new dating show

Another dating show awaits the TV screen. The presenter Miriam Pielhau is waiting with singles from the big city. Does the television landscape still need a dating show? Can it really hold such a relationship?
The concept

“City Love” is a simple show about people who want to find great love in the city.

This time, there are neither farmers nor daughters-in-law in front of the screen, but normal urban singles. Miriam Pielhau promises that these people are “like you and me” and that each of them has a beautiful and fascinating side. While Pielhau is still looking for candidates, RTL already knows that these episodes will run in the spring. This dome show joins the many other shows, such as “Farmer Wants a Wife”, “Daughter-in-law Wanted” and “Hard-In-Love”. With the fourth show, all areas of the Dating should now be trimmed.

Pielhau, who previously moderated “Big Brother” but has also worked for public channels, wants to reach the normal people with this dating show. People should see that it is difficult to find a partner in the big city, precisely because there is too much choice.

Dating shows are needed

An interesting question is how many of the candidates from programs such as “Bauer sucht Frau” are still with their partners. It therefore has to be questioned how useful another program is. Some partnerships persist, others break down as soon as the cameras are off. A good half of the farmers of Bauer sucht Frau are still happily in love. Giving love confessions in front of the camera seems like a sport, because otherwise dome shows would not work. The ratings are correct, so again and again new programs are rotated. “Bauer sucht Frau” has 6 seasons alone. Is it really possible to find the great love? Perhaps these programs really help some people who otherwise can not find a wife. Still, a chance encounter is still far more romantic than a predefined television dating.

Those who are looking for great love and otherwise find no way to get in touch with a potential partner, certainly has an increased chance in these programs. Otherwise, the traditional, exciting getting to know would rather take place without cameras.