Advice On Getting Your Ex Back

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Advice On Getting Your Ex Back

The best advice on getting your ex back is to learn to live without him. Men have a strange desire to have what is unavailable to them. If your ex sees you as wanting and desperate you will only be driving him further away.

However if he notices that you are getting your life back on track and doing just fine without him then you are more likely to rekindle his interest in you.

You can show your ex that you are moving on with your life by sending back to him any belongings of his that you happen to have in your possession. You should also include any gifts or keepsakes that remind you of him. Put everything in a box and then mail them to his house or leave them outside his door at a time you know he won’t be in to see you. It is better not to leave a note with the items as he will recognise immediately where they came from. If you do, just let him know you were clearing out and think the things may be of more use to him than they are to you.

The hardest part of getting your ex back is to exercise patience. You should never call him or send him emails or text messages. If he is one of your friends on a social networking site then you should delete him straight away. He will get the message that you are not interested in his activities and that you don’t want him knowing what you are up to either.

Some good advice on getting your ex back is to let him see you having a good time and clearly in control of yourself.

Invest in some new clothes and a new haircut. Go out with your friends and rather than avoid the places you know he might be, be sure to be seen there, having fun. Say ‘hi’ to him in a friendly way if he passes but don’t hang around near him.

Your ex will get the message that you are over him enough not even to bother hiding from him. He’ll then have to make all the moves to approach you and before you know it he’ll be asking you on a date all over again.

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