An Exciting Relationship – With Your Ex?

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An Exciting Relationship – With Your Ex?

One would ask what went wrong in different relationships for a break up to happen, especially if both mutually understand each other’s circumstances. Not everything have tragic endings because some can save or restore the relationship. But at some point, how can one save a damaged relationship?

It is common sense that in order for one to be able to approach a problem, a person should initially know the root of the problem. This means delving deeper to the situation, and how it came about and from there, the individual should be able to formulate a resolution.

Though it does not guarantee success and needs experimentation, it is still good than doing nothing at all.

It entails basic knowledge on handling relationship and it is similar to how scientists approach everyday problems. How does one effectively apply this to different situations?

First of all, one should have the correct understanding of things to be able to know the main issue so that it can be easily resolved through problem identification. As they say, you cannot heal a wound that you cannot see.

With any break up scenario, one should not have the misconception that the problem is how to get back the ex but rather, what went wrong that made the other go astray in the first place?

By looking at it in such a manner, the person trying to win back the ex, should have a clearer perspective of things because for one, the answer to how a person can win back an old paramour is dependent on the factors which made the other person walk away.
One may observe that though the relationship seems to be sound, it was gradually corroding from the inside and it all started because of lack of time with each other. It is of utmost importance for a relationship to have a constant communication between lovers, regardless of the circumstances. Either individual should make an effort to find time to be with the other person without compromising work at the same time.

Also, it does not mean that when he or she does not argue with each other, they are not properly addressing the issue. It could be lack of quality time, so people should realize that spending time with love ones should be paramount in maintaining a happy and healthy relationship. It is because by being together, each one is able to address the needs and wants of each the people in the relationship.

The concepts mentioned above is not limited to guy and girl relationships but also applicable in a family and community. But taking family and community out of the issue, in a certain relationship the deprivation of needs can cause further issue such as searching for it elsewhere leading to temptations.

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